Apr 042014

In response to racer feedback and OS Giken’s own observations of tuning trends, OS Giken has proudly released the OS Super Lock LSD for the Ford 8.8” (FD881-HA) Independent Rear Suspension differential. OS Giken found that it was becoming common to use the Ford 8.8” IRS carrier for high powered builds for many import sport compacts, due to the 8.8” large sized ring gear, low costs/high availability, and wide selection of available gear ratios. The OS Giken Super Lock is available for both 31 and 28 tooth spline axles. Both designs feature 20 active clutch plates.


All of OS Giken’s Super Lock differentials feature forged cases that are chemically heat treated, providing the highest level of durability and strength possible. Additionally, all Super Lock LSDs are fully tunable for any specific application. Please feel free to inquire with details regarding your unique needs and the engineers of OS Giken will be happy to provide a recommending setting!

Contact UNITRAX for more information on the FD881-HA OS Giken Super Lock.