Jan 062012

The engineers at OS Giken have been very hard at work to bring an outstanding limited-slip differential to market.

The patented design is a revolutionary breakthrough in clutch type limited slip differential design and allows the Super Lock to have up to twice the friction plates compared to conventional designs. OS Giken’s quality craftsmanship and original design enables 100% full locking as well as unparalleled durability.

Corvette C6 1

Some of the unique features of the Super Lock are:

  1. Billeted and Heat-treated case (not found on most competitors’ units)
  2. Forged internals, and RAW-forged gear teeth (strongest gears available anywhere)
  3. More disks+larger disks = more friction surface area to dissipate heat and allow true 100% locking capability. OS units typically house TWICE as many disks as competitors units (up to 28+ plates) 
  4. Ultra-precise disk machining, which means the unit is ready to perform immediately after installation… NO BREAK-IN PERIOD REQUIRED!
  5. Non-intrusive cone spring design prevents unnecessary wear and results in consistent and reliable performance over the long-term.
  6. 100% locking and unlocking capability: True 100% lock results in no moving components results in no heat generation. The main reason other limited-slips fail is because too much heat is generated, since true 100% lock cannot be achieved. OS has yet to see one of their Super-Lock LSD’s fail in the field!

Viper LSD 1

In a recent press release from the OS Giken team,it was stated that “since released to the public in 2000, there have been ZERO failures of a production unit, and ZERO rebuilds necessary at any level, from street use to professional racing.”

Corvette C4

UNITRAX has been trained on how to tune the Super Lock to meet specific requirements. The unit that we trained on, we thought, was a new unit. However, the tech from OS Giken informed us that the Super Lock was removed from a car that competed in three full race seasons!

Recent additions to the Super Lock line are the C4 through C6 Corvette, all model years of the Dodge Viper, Camaro SS, FJ Cruiser, Chrysler, Dodge and Mercedes M215 differentials, BMW, Alpha Romeo, Porsche, and Mini. There are several new applications to be announced soon.

The Super Lock also fits most popular Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Honda and Mazda differentials.

UNITRAX is excited to be able to offer such a well designed and executed LSD to the drivetrain performance community.

                   Viper LSD 2

Visit the OS Giken site at www.osgiken.net for more information on the Super Lock and the other outstanding product offerings including Clutches, Close Gear Ratio kits, Tranmissions and Engine upgrades.

Nov 072007

UNITRAX can now ratio change your Dodge Viper differential to a 3.21 ratio. This performance set comes with a new 1350 series u-bolt style differential yoke.

The new Super 44ICA 3.21 gear set is a welcome addition to the family of ratios (3.07, 3.33, 3.45, 3.73, 3.91, 4.10, 4.56, and 4.88) that UNITRAX offers for the Dodge Viper and C4 Corvettes.

Nov 072007

OS Giken’s revolutionary Super Lock race limited slip differential is now available for the Dodge Viper SRT 10! The OS Super Lock reacts and transitions smoothly from both free and locked positions. Under normal diving conditions the Super Lock operates with the smoothness of a normal differential. Once power is applied, the Super Lock becomes a 100% locking differential. The transition is so subtle that the driver may not even notice the transition. The OS Giken Super Lock LSD’s offer unparalleled durability and longevity.

OS Giken is recognized as a world-wide leader in race quality engineering.

Feb 072007

The long-awaited exclusive UNITRAX Super 44 Dodge Viper 3.33 ring and pinion are shipping now!

UNITRAX designed the sets to meet the demands of the Viper community. They are tapped for both 3/8″ and 7/16″ ring gear bolts and do not require a crush sleeve. The upper pinion shims will be included with the Super 44 3.33 gear sets for precision set up.For the RT/10 and GTS owners UNITRAX is also now shipping the new 2007VRU 5 volt speedometer recalibration kits.Call us at 800.622.4327 with any inquiries.