Jan 162014

The popular 4.29 (03-487429LC/LX) ratio ring and pinion set for the Getrag H226 differential found in many Dodge Challenger SRT 8s is now shipping again. The 4.29 ratio gear set is manufactured from 4320 steel which is 3x stronger than an 8620 gear set. The 4.29 ratio gear set had been on backorder for over six months.

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Feb 182012

US Gear has released several new American made performance gear sets for the Camaro V8 AAM 218mm differential and the Dodge SRT 8 Getrag H226 differential.

The ring and pinion sets are manufactured of 4320 steel which contains 3 times the nickel content of an 8620 gear set. This enables the ring and pinion set to provide more flexibility for drag racing and better longevity for the daily driver.


U.S. Gear Camaro V8 218mm 3.23 Gear Set

Camaro V8 American Made Gear Set

The Camaro V8 AAM 218mm gear sets are available in ratios of 3.08, 3.23, 3.73, and 4.10.

The Dodge SRT 8 Getrag H226 gear sets are available ins ratios of 3.23 and 3.55. With 4.10 and 4.30 ratios soon to follow.

Contact UNITRAX for more Camaro V8 and Dodge SRT 8 ratio change information.

U.S. Gear Getrag H226 Gear Set

Made In The U.S.A. H226 Gear Set

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