Oct 222008

The Eaton Performance ELocker is now shipping for the Dana 35 differential.

Eaton ELocker

Many Jeep vehicles are equipped with the Dana 35. The benefits of the Elocker are that it is a Virtually maintenance free locker with push button Positive-Electronic lockup.

The Dana 35 C-Clip ELocker is available in 27 or 30 splines. Part Numbers 19821-010 and 19822-010 respectively.

Oct 072008

If you are looking for the absolute strongest ring and pinion for a Ford 9″ differential, then the Motive Gear Performance 9310 pro gear will exceed your expectations. The 9310 pro gear set boasts a EuroFuture® heat treatment and is available in both 1.313 28 spline and 1.500 35 spline pinions. The set is manufactured for weight conservation and accepts 7/16″ and 1/2″ ring gear bolts.


Ford 9 AX1



The designer of the gears states that they are “like granite.”  UNITRAX has seen one set perform exceptionally over an entire 13 race offroad season. 

Ratios are available for the 35 spline pinion are 3.89, 4.11, 4.29, 4.57, and 4.86.

Ratios are available for the 28 spline pinion are 4.29, 4.57, 4.86, 5.14, 5.29, 5.43, 5.67, 5.83, 6.00, 6.20 and 6.50.

Speak with UNITRAX for your specific Ford 9 inch needs.

Oct 072008

The Detroit Truetrac from Eaton Performance is now available for the GM and Dodge AAM 11.5″ and Pontiac GTO differentials.





The Detroit Truetrac from Eaton Performance was the first helical gear differential ever introduced into the automotive aftermarket. It remains the leading helical gear-type limited slip differential in the industry. Detroit Truetrac’s proven helical gear design, affordable and effective performance all make the Detroit Truetrac limited slip differential the ideal choice for a wide variety of vehicle applications. No maintenance –   Just Traction.

Oct 072008

Roadmaster Active Suspension, (RAS) is the ultimate assist for vehicles with rear leaf spring suspension. With a simple installation (RAS) converts basic Passive leaf spring suspension to Active Suspension greatly improving road handling, by reducing sway and dangerous body roll on cornering, eliminating bottoming outeliminating wheel hop and axle wrap and strengthens the rear leaf springs for towing or hauling maximum loads with maximum safety, provides a smoother ride with or without a load. These are just some of the many benefits that can be achieved by installing a (RAS) on your vehicle or fleet of vehicles.


Roadmaster 1

Traditionally, automotive suspension has been a compromise among three conflicting criteria: road handling, load carrying and passenger comfort. The suspension system must support the vehicle, provide directional control during handling maneuvers, and provide effective insulation for passengers and payload from disturbances.

Ride comfort requires a soft suspension, whereas load carrying a stiffer suspension. However, good handling combined with an acceptable ride requires a setting somewhere between the two. Because of these conflicting demands, the rear leaf spring suspension design fitted to pickup trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles has had to be something of a compromise due to the type of vehicle use. Leaf springs area a passive suspension systems that have the ability to store energy via the spring and dissipate it by a damper. Its parameters however, are generally fixed and limited.

Roadmaster Active Suspension (RAS) overcomes the limitations of passive suspension by introducing mechanically active suspension to the rear leaf springs thereby conquering the traditional three-way load vs. handling vs comfortconflict. 
Once fitted, RAS has the ability to store, dissipate and introduce energy to the system. Being mechanical its action is immediate, unlike hydraulics or air which take time to react. This immediate action is also variable, working in exact counter proportion to force applied, hence the term active.

Roadmaster Active Suspension kits consist of a set of two very powerful, variable rated, coil springs designed to support and assist rear leaf springs with up to a one ton carrying capacity. 

Coil Springs to assist rear leaf springsOnce installed, loaded tension from the eye-to-axle mounted coil tension springs hold the leaf springs in their original and Optimum bowed position. When strain from the load or vehicle weight shift is applied to the leaf springs, the stabilizers come into actions immediately, absorbing the force of the load. Being variable rated, the greater the strain, the more counter-assistance force from the RAS unit is applied.

By introducing a powerful “load absorbing” spring steel coil spring to rear leaf springs, RAS greatly assists the carrying capability of the vehicle as stipulated by the manufacturers. RAS absorbs the load that would otherwise cause bottoming out and thereby provides the benefits of a more level and thus safer ride.

On cornering, RAS reduces body roll by supporting the springs which are taking the increased load. By not allowing these springs to flatten out, the vehicle corners more level with greater contact of all four tires to the road. Improved traction translates to better control and handling.

When towing a boat, trailer, camper or heavy equipment, Roadmaster Active Suspension adds strength to the rear leaf springs while absorbing the increased load. The resulting stability and reduced sway are felt immediately.

Compensate for an unbalanced load on your vehicalRoadmaster Active Suspension can be independently adjusted to compensate for unbalanced load such as that of a handicap lift device.

As there is no movement on the leaf spring eye bracket or axle bracket, no friction takes place. All movement evolves from the articulating roller on the axle bracket which will adjust itself to any alignment of the tension spring, irrespective of the up and down deflection and reflection of the leaf spring. The coil tension spring, having an articulating connection insures that the axle and coil spring are always aligned in the direction of the force being applied. Because of the mechanical action of the tension spring, which is instant from left rear to right rear and vice versa, the stability of the vehicle is greatly improved.

Roadmaster Active Suspension is designed to eliminate shock on the suspension itself, thus extending the life of the leaf spring, shock absorbers, shackles and even tires.

If you carry a load, tow a RV or trailer we can help you save on fuel. Tests prove it and so have Roadmaster customers. Roadmaster Active Suspension is so effective as a load absorbing product it actually helps correct the negative effects load has on fuel usage.

For more information call UNITRAX at 800.622.4327 or visit Roadmaster Active Suspension at www.activesuspension.com

Oct 072008

Transfer Flow proudly presents the affordable EXPRESS-UFS 30-gallon toolbox and fuel tank combo for 2005-2008 Ford F250/350 and 2004-2008 GM 2500/3500 gas pickups! The system is legal in all 50 states.

Toolbox Fuel Tank

This tank is made from 14-gauge aluminized steel for superior strength and rust resistance and powder coated for a durable finish. The tank is baffled on all four sides to reduce fuel sloshing. The 30-gallon toolbox and fuel tank combo is warranted for 3 years or 36000 miles. 

Installations can be performed at UNITRAX in Anaheim, California.

Oct 072008

Mag-Hytec, the manufacturer of U.S. made premium differential covers and transmission pans, has posted the following vent tube notice for owners of their GM differential covers:

The vent tube exit on the GM 14-10.5, 14-9.5, 10-8.5 is located on the outside of the carrier bearing in a groove. When the oil gets up in the axle tube thebearing acts like a pump and in some cases will push oil out of the vent tube. It is very important to have oil in the axle tube. Low level should be the inside bottomof axle tube, high should be the bottom of axle. These levels are marked on the dipstick. This insures oil to the wheel bearings and wheel seals also adds more oil to the gear box which extends the life of the differential. There is two ways to fix this problem. The easy way is to get a new hose and route it safely up as high as possible and let the end hang down about 6 in. (over the gas fill tube) About 4 to 6in. from the top install a in line gas filter. This will let you run the oil in the high range. If it should still be a problem drain out about 1/2 quart and try that if it is ok you have fixed it.

The best fix is to relocate the vent tube to the top of the axle tube about 6 to 10 in. out from the stock location. Drill a 7/16 DIA hole and tape it with a 1/4 pipe tape. Install a Steel Hose Nipple1/4 pipe Thread with a 5/16 barred house end. You can do it your self or it should be done by a good shop. This is the way Dana and Ford builds there axles and they have had no blow by trouble.

Mag-Hytec can be reached at 818.786.8325