Oct 242007

The limited slip differential found in the C5 & C6 Corvette has proven problematic for many Corvette owners. Looking for a solution, UNITRAX contacted Quaife to design a replacement torque biasing differential.

The outstanding engineers at Quiafe has put together another winning effort.

The Quaife differential powers both drive wheels under nearly all conditions. The Quaife is extremely strong and durable and since the Quaife is gear operated, it has no plates or clutches that can wear out and need costly replacement. The Quaife is a proven dependable solution for the daily driver or the professional racer.

Quaife UK does not warranty products sold in the USA. Contact your dealer or installer for details on the Quaife ATB differential limited warranty.

Call UNITRAX at 800.622.4327 for more details.

Oct 102007

UNITRAX is pleased to announce Transfer Flow’s new 40-Gallon Toolbox & Fuel Tank Combo for Dodge, Ford, and GM diesel pickups. Transfer Flow manufactures the best fuel tank systems available in the U.S. This new in-bed tank fits 1992 -2008 Ford HD, 2001-2008 GM, and 1999-2006 Dodge short and long bed diesel pickups.

Call UNITRAX at 800.622.4327 for more details.